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What To Dropship
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So you've made the decision to dropship - great! If your still learning then check out our what is dropship page for more background detail. However, for those that are considering what categories or products they should consider, then here are a few basic thoughts to consider.

What To Dropship - Top 5 Tips

1) Do your Homework - Check out industry statistics to understand areas of strong growth on the web or areas that maybe have not yet developed. Don't simply follow the crowd as that is where the most competition comes in, be selective, and understand your market.

2) Choose a reputable dropshipper - there are plenty of counterfeit sites advertising dropship products. So choose the real deal. As part of this understand what costs are involved in shipping your products to ensure your pricing is competitive.

what to dropship spend pattern3) Do more homework - Once you've chosen a category check to see if the industry is plagued with high counterfeits or used by major retailers as "loss leaders" to entice people to their stores. Some areas of the beauty products market and vitamins often have these issues, so check around and see what prices are. If your working with a reputable dropshipper and prices online are less than standard manufacturer wholesale then that's a red flag for loss leader status.

4) More isn't always better - We've seen so many dropshippers think that more is better. More simply means more management and less opportunity to specialize. It is better to have 500 products working hard than 5000 working you hard.

5) Be ready to change - Be prepared to change, change, and change again till you get your mix right. Online product management is no different to brick and mortar management, it takes time and diligence.

6) Be original - look for new ways to present your products, in packs, in gift sets, by mixing up flavors to create new offerings. Customers love originality so exploit it and look for ways to outsmart not out price your competition.

Keep in mind a good dropship company does more than just give you a product list, they provide services to help your business succeed. Bangalla Organic, for example, offers a full range of web services from fully automated webstores packed with their products, through to order integration with third party vendors such as Amazon or EBay, domestic and foreign shipping, and much much more. Check out Bangalla Web Services for more details on their range of web services for dropshippers.

We invite you to check out this site and learn what you can about dropshipping. This site is written by Bangalla Organic, a leader in the organic food dropshipping industry. Bangalla has served thousands of dropship customers just like you in the provision of organic and healthy products so we are here to help.

Good luck with your dropship adventures and your online sales!

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