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What To Dropship
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Organic and healthy food, particularly gluten free, non-GMO, low salt, and allergy free products offer many exciting opportunities to not only dropship, but specialize in particular areas. Whether you specialize in a certain segment of the organic or healthy food market or be more broad based, you will find a wealth of products and new items coming which will definately keep you busy.

Many store owners enter the organic dropship market due to a personal health matter or that of a loved one. So they understand very clearly the need for the products they sell and as such are very passionate. This is clearly shown in the quality of the websites in the green and organic sectors. Unfortunately, passion only gets you half way. The other half is about taking the time to understand the opportunities that may present within that given category. Key opportunities often stand out in snacks, gluten free, kids health products, low cholesterol and low salt items, baby food, pastas, and teas to name but a few.

So what to dropship varies a lot based upon your personal beliefs and preferences. However, here are some key tips when looking at what to dropship in organic products:

1) Food is repeatable - Unlike most dropship products where you may get a time one-sale, you win a customer and they will often return to buy the same item over and over again.

2) Organic is hip - Organic, gluten free, is all the rage and it's not about to end soon. This brings new manufacturers and hence a constant supply of new products which bring new opportunities.

3) Shelf life - Watch the shelf life on food products. Bangalla provides a shelf life on the vast majority of foods it sells so you know its fresh.

4) Bulk love - People often love to buy food in bulk to get lower per unit costs. This allows you to push your average dollar spend per order higher. So ensure you list case packs at attractive prices.

5) Plan ahead - Food makes a season, so whether its Easter, Christmas or other times of the year you can establish a great marketing theme around the season. Many manufacturers also come out with seasonal lines (for example Christmas Teas) which are always a top time to drive some extra sales.

6) Mix'n match - Chocolate gift baskets, honey packs, or mixed flavor packs all makes new and exciting product offers from traditional items. The opportunities from mixing products is only limited by your imagination and your dropshippers willing to work with you. We have seen substantial new life brought into low life products through change the mix.

We invite you to check out this site and learn what you can about dropshipping. This site is written by Bangalla Organic, a leader in the organic food dropshipping industry. Bangalla has served thousands of dropship customers just like you in the provision of organic and healthy products so we are here to help. Follow this link if you need more basic guidance on what is dropship.

Good luck with your dropship adventures and your online sales!

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